1968: Examining the Documentary and Informational Text (2 of 3)

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SWBAT analyze various accounts of subject told in different mediums, determine which details are emphasized and synthesize multiple sources on a subject by researching 1968 in film and print.

Big Idea

Which do students prefer, reading or listening?

Warm Up

5 minutes

When students come in to class, I am going to ask them to go to the white board and write as much as they can remember about yesterday's lesson.  I am anxious to see if the visual text stuck with the students.  I often begin class with students drawing on prior knowledge.  This quick formative assessment lets me know what stuck with them yesterday and helps them warm up for English class. 

Let's dive into an informational text full of visual images.

35 minutes

I am fortunate to have an awesome classroom set of Michael Kaufman's informational text 1968.  Here is a link from Amazon.com to learn more about this awesome text (RI.9-10.10).  I am going to ask students to get out their 1968 assignment that we started yesterday.  We will read the last page of the assignment first.  I want to remind students that their ultimate goal is to synthesize two sources about the same subject (W 9-10.7) (W.9-10.10).  Before we write about it, we need to analyze the accounts of the same subject in different mediums and explain what is emphasized in each by gathering textual evidence to support our analysis (RI.9-10.1) (RI 9-10.7).  

Students will receive the book.  Together, we will peruse the cover and book jacket noticing images copy right date, etc.  I will also ask the students to just thumb through the book for a couple of minutes.  When I ask the students what they noticed about this text, I hope they realize that there is a Table of Contents, Index, Newspaper articles and many images.  These are all indicators of an informative text.  

Students will begin reading the text and completing their 1968 assignment.  While they are working, I will go around and see if I need to help some of my struggling readers.  

Why I Love the Standards explains why this assignment is important.  


5 minutes

While students are finishing their assignment, I will ask them to approach the board used in warm ups and add to their brianstormed list.