Assessing Plot and Conflict

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SWBAT demonstrate and complete a graphic organizer that represents plot structures and fill it in with 90% accuracy.

Big Idea

This lesson assesses the structures of plot, and theme. Students have been working on this in previous lessons and this is to determine if I need to reteach or have an intervention for better conceptual understanding.


5 minutes

To begin I believe it essential to have students understand the expectations of the assessment. I want them to understand what they will be doing and how they can earn the best grade possible. I start by handing out the plot diagram they I will use to assess their understanding. I explain that they are going to listen to me read a story and they will have to fill in the plot diagram to show what they have learned. 

When I am sure they understand the basics of how this will work, I remind them that they can write and fill in as I read, or they can wait until I am finished. They will have some time to complete the worksheet before I collect it. 

I ask them to point to the different areas on the worksheet and explain the expectation for each section. I do this from left to write in the order of the plot triangle. 

The Assessment

15 minutes

Now that I have walked through the worksheet, I can open it up for questions. I answer and clarify before I begin reading. The story I am reading is Stand Up Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell. The plot is easy to follow and the order goes very smoothly with the conflict occurring in the middle of the story. 

I read, but do not share the pictures at this time. I want to also see how well they visualize the story to determine the overall plot structure. They can either write as I read, or wait until I am finished. When I do finish, I ask if I need to reread the text or do they need something clarified before they complete their worksheet. I am not answering any questions that might pertain to their understanding of the plot, I don't want to give answers.

Final Thoughts

10 minutes

I give plenty of time to take the test. I do not have a time limit, but I do want to go over the answers as soon as they are all turned in. To clarify their thinking and get immediate feedback I believe it is better to go over the answers before I grade them. I did collect the tests so that I can see what areas the class excelled at, struggled with, and/or who might need some intervention help.

To go over the answers, I do this by reading the book again and completing the graphic organizer with them. I ask them to help me fill in all the sections and if we have a discrepancy I ask them to clarify to get a consensus. I do help when they are unsure and after each box I explain why that answer is correct.