Engine, Engine, Number 9

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SWBAT record combinations to make 9.

Big Idea

A fun little poem helps kindergartners keep track of the cube train "cars" on this activity to decompose 9.

Attention Grabber/Introduction

5 minutes

Girls and boys, remember how we talked about Jake’s parking lot and how he had to have a certain number of cars in it?  Well, this is kind of the same idea, with a train, though, and a chant.  Let’s practice it now!

“Engine, Engine, Number 9,

Going down the railroad line!

If a car should lose its place,

Put another in its place!

We repeat this a few times.

So Engine Number 9 needs to have 9 cars at all times.  It REALLY likes 9.  It’s up to us to keep Engine Number 9 okay while we drive it along today.  Can you do it?.  

Guided Practice

25 minutes

The helper of the day passes out our Making 9 recording sheets.

We say the poem as we take off 1 car, which we hold up, and then we add a new car from our “fill in” train at the end. We say the chant several times, and we begin re-building our car with “fill-in” cars.

It’s a very systematic procedure, but since we’re up to 9 cars, it’s a very lengthy procedure!

Most of us have the idea of trading out cubes (or train cars), but it’s so involved with all those cars that it’s time-consuming.  The kiddos get the concept, though, and we work and work at changing out our cars but keeping Engine # 9 full.


5 minutes

We show off a few of our trains, which is actually a huge undertaking!  Each looks similar but slightly different, although they all have that pattern where the original color becomes the replacement color entirely.  We discuss the pattern, as we decrease the number of one color, the second color increases.