Oreo Argument -Part 3 -Analyzing to Improve

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SWBAT analyze an argument and create an outline to improve it.

Big Idea

Can You Hear Me Now?

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class, students will view the video below and respond in discussion at their table to the following:

Do you own a cell phone? The idea that cell phones are dangerous has been out for some time, yet most of the population still uses them. What is your response to the news clip considering the high rate of usage?

Lesson/Independent Work/Discussion

35 minutes

At this point I will ask students to take the handout "Dear Mom" from the caddy.  This is a letter from a daughter to her mother asking for a new cell phone.

I will read the letter once so we can get the flow.  Then, I will ask students to follow as I read it again and text code the page.  Finally, I will ask students to take out the handout Reading Circles Oreo Style from the caddy.  I'll ask students to read the piece a third time silently and answer the questions on the handout. Students have used this "Oreo Recipe" before.  This should be a simple task.

After students have been working for at least ten minutes, I will ask them to log into Edmodo and begin silent digital discussion with their small group within Edmodo (Reading Circles) their findings.

While students are discussing, I will be circulating around the room and checking discussions as they come up on my laptop.  I will insert a comment only when needed to clarify a point, correct a misunderstanding, etc..

Wrap Up Writing Task

15 minutes

After their discussion, students should feel that the student did a poor job of supporting her claim with sound reasoning and effective evidence.

I will challenge them to help her make her case better by creating an Oreo outline revising her reasons, evidence, etc.  

To assist students I will be supplying links to several sites with research regarding this issue. The links (shared below) will be attached to a message I send students on Edmodo. 




Indiana University's Newsroom

National Cancer Institute

Scholastic Resource Page

At this time, I'll ask students to take OREO Argument graphic graphic organizer from the caddy.  Students have used this before, but we will quickly review it.  After I've explained,  students may begin their research on Edmodo.  

Students will work on this for the remaining time with the exception of the last three minutes when I will ask them to share their current findings with a neighbor.

I will circulate as they work, stopping to confer with students as needed. This task will be collected tomorrow to give students ample time.