Help Me, Helpers!

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SWBAT correctly use tier-two vocabulary in their everyday life by using real-world scenarios to represent these words.

Big Idea

Having helpers truly helps them (and REALLY helps me)!

Why Have Helpers?

1 minutes

Having helpers isn't just something I do because it's "kindergarten cute..."
I have helpers because it keeps students accountable... and keeps me a little more sane!

Every day, when I give students a job to do, they really "work" for it!  After all, you have to be doing the right thing to be my helper-- "You wouldn't want to get fired; would you?"

Helpers in my classroom don't just have a job, they have an opportunity and a TITLE!  As you can see in my Gold Collar Jobs Lesson, students learn new and exciting terms for daily routines!  This makes every helper extra special... and it makes their helping a learning experience, too!

How Does This Work?

3 minutes

Each morning, after the students come in and get settled, I assign my helpers for the day. 
I have 10 helpers every day!  Now, this may sound like a lot, but it actually ends up really helping me out!  When I have 10 students who are helpers, I have 10 students who are trying to do their very best throughout the day so they can keep their jobs; it ends up helping with behavior management quite a bit!

My 10 jobs are as follows:
Alphabet Presenter- They pass out the letters where students will sit on the rug for the.
Materials Dispenser- They help pass things out throughout the day.
Path Director- The line leader
Finale Person- The caboose of the line
Currier- They pass out needed papers to students' mailboxes.
Ladies Bathroom Monitor- They go in first and out last, while monitoring volume.
Gentlemen Bathroom Monitor- They go in first and out last, while monitoring volume.
Meteorologist- They present the daily weather and calendar information to the class.
Maintenance Crew (2 students)- They help make sure the classroom stays clean throughout the day.

If you are a helper, you get to stand in specific places and do specific things; if you get into trouble or get caught goofing off, you will be replaced.  It really is pretty simple for me to manage and easy for the students to understand.

The way I have found that make this system quick and easy is to use the chart (shown in the lesson picture) with the job names.  Every morning, I draw out popsicle sticks with students' names and pictures and place them into the pocket of the job they will be in charge of for the day.  This is easy for me to see and it is a constant reminder for the students as well.  Without this chart, I do not thinks that my helpers idea would work as well; I am glad I can refer to the needed information throughout the day, as it really helps to support behavior management.

Here is how I really make sure my students USE this vocabulary!

Differentiation Throughout the Year

5 minutes

It is really easy to change up "helpers" throughout the year.

I didn't start this process right away!
For example, I began my Gold Collar Jobs in the middle of my second semester last year. 
I simply explained to my students that we were going to "up the rigor" and take advantage of the new vocabulary we had been working on!  Each day, one by one, I re-named one of my jobs that the students had already been doing... I just made it more tailored and forced it to sound "more fancy."  If yesterday, I had a "Weather person," I would rename them today as my "Meteorologist" and I would explain what exactly a meteorologist is, how important they are and what my high expectations for that job will be.  From that moment on, the normal daily job will have a little more respect and excitement from students!

I change it up randomly!
Sometimes, I will change the names up; maybe for a week or maybe even for the rest of the year!  For example, I recently changed my "Gentlemen and Ladies Bathroom Monitors" jobs to "Bathroom Supervisors," and, by the end of the year, I will likely change the name to "Bathroom Overseers."  I like to change the name of my "Finale Person" to "The Conclusion" as well!

These jobs are fun for the kids and an easy addition to my behavior management plan; I couldn't make it each day without them!