Count Up to 10

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Students will be able to count and print the numerals 1-10.

Big Idea

Kindergartners do the chicken dance while working on number sense.


5 minutes

To begin this counting lesson, I gather students in front of the white board for a counting song. The children love this chicken counting song by Jack Hartmann. I have this CD, but I prefer to use the YouTube video because it gives my class a visual. The counts up to 10.

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

After our chicken dance, students take a seat in front of the white board. I display today's assignment. This assignment requires students to count various objects and then write the numeral. I call a student up to complete the first question together. She counts nine bells and writes the numeral 9. I tell the class that we need to double check her work. We count together and all decide she has given the correct answer.

This activity is aligned with Common Core - Counting and Cardinality. More specifically, one-to- one correspondence. When counting, the concept of one-to-one correspondence is the understanding that each object being counted represents “one more.” I like this assignment because it provides math awareness, which I discuss in my reflection.