Reindeer Count

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Students will be able to recognize and count the numerals 6-10.

Big Idea

Students get into the holiday spirit with a story, music, and some counting.


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I gather children on the carpet for a story. I read, How the Reindeer Got Their Antlers by Geraldine McCaughrean. This story is just a fun tale to get my students calm after recess and ready for math.

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

After our story, I tell the children we have a reindeer math job. I display the assignment, Reindeer Counting (part of the Christmas Math Sampler Pack). I found this for free on Teachers Pay Teachers from Rebecca Bettis.

This assignment requires students to count a configuration of dots on a reindeer's antlers, and glue the corresponding number on the nose. I like this assignment because my students are looking at numbers that are arranged in various ways. They are using one to one correspondence with the numerals 6-10.

I complete one reindeer with my class as an example. 

Independent Practice

15 minutes

Table captains gather the materials for this task, and the class gets started. As students are working, I play Christmas music. I address this more in my reflection. 

I move around the room and observe, helping any students who need assistance or may be off task. The class did really well with his assignment!