Creating a Lucy Poem, Day Two

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SWBAT synthesize Wordsworth poetic process with his poems

Big Idea

How does a writer make decisions when writing a poem?

Researching the Lucy Poems

20 minutes

Students come to class prepared to work on their Lucy Scrapbooks. Many begin by creating cover art or researching Wordsworth's life at the time he composed the Lucy poems.  

They use basic biographical sites, heavily linked sites or letter databases. I move around the class helping individual students and answer questions.  


Showing Poetic Process

35 minutes

Once students have researched Wordsworth's life and influences at the time he wrote the poems, they begin to write early drafts of the poems, some as journal entries, some as poems. Some students arrange the early poems in a different order of composition and some in the order that scholars have sequenced the poems in. 

Students work at different paces and more than a few request an additional day to work on the project.  I let them know that if they stay on task though the period, they can have more time. I purposefully built more time into the project, but gave them a shorter due date to focus them, and also to motivate them to think realistically about how much time they really need.