Where Do I Belong on the Number Line?

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SWBAT recognize and locate points on a number line.

Big Idea

A number line follows the same pattern between each whole number and I can locate points even when some of the numbers are missing.


10 minutes

Yesterday we created number lines and did some work in our group to correctly make a number line, including whole numbers, halves and fourths. Today I want to see if you can use what you learned from yesterday to put yourselves into a human number line! (MP4) I’m going to give each of you a card, and without talking, you need to find your space on the number line. Let me show you what it might look like.

I usually always model my expectations for my students, especially when we are doing something new. It gives them clarify on what is expected beyond me saying it. I practice with a student finding our spots without talking, and then I allow students to begin. 

Wow it looks like you have it! And in record time! Who noticed something about finding their spot? Which part did you look at in your number to begin locating your spot? The whole number or the fraction? Why?

Students are using their knowledge of fractions, and fractions on a number line, to place themselves and their number in the appropriate spot on a number line (MP6). 

Guided Practice

10 minutes

I have a few number lines written on the board, and I want you to take a minute to see what you notice.

Students should be able to articulate that one number line is going by whole numbers, one has halves on it and one has halves and fourths between whole numbers (MP3). They should draw on their knowledge of fractions and our work with number lines to make sense of these patterns in each number line (MP1).

Now on this first line, I’m noticing that it goes by whole numbers, but then there are missing spaces. Can anyone come up here and try to figure out what number might go in my mystery box?

I will repeat this process for each number line with mystery boxes. Students should be able to identify the pattern in each number line to find what point is represented with a mystery box (MP7). 

Group Work

25 minutes

I think you’re ready to have some fun with this! I have tape on each of your desks and enough dry erase markers for each of you to have one. You will be creating a number line ON YOUR TABLE! Your number line must go from 0-10 and have halves and fourths labeled (MP4). Once it is completed you will flip over cards at your table to solve problems that involve your number line!

Just a note: dry erase marker comes off tables very easily with wet wipes! 


5 minutes

What fun we had today with number lines! I saw such brilliant work creating number lines (especially on our tables!) and I saw you working with your team mates to answer questions and think about number lines when numbers were missing or we were figuring out which number belongs where!