Conflict: Internal and External

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SWBAT categorize and give examples of internal and external conflicts. They will be able to identify it in a story and give evidence for it.

Big Idea

Conflict can be the best part of great stories. Students will practice using the vocabulary of internal and external to determine conflicts within stories both new and known.

Review of Plot

2 minutes

We have completed numerous lessons on plot. The class has practiced each type of plot conflict. Before we begin this lesson, I want them to review everything they know. I ask questions to get them talking and ask them to expand on what each other is saying. I lead them through the plot triangle, and the four conflicts we have covered. 

They will need their white boards. I ask them to split the white board in half. They need to label one side external and the other internal. They will need to turn to their partner and talk about the difference between these two words. I then have them share what they discussed and agreed on with the class. They have a good idea and basic understanding of the words. 

Internal and External Sorting

10 minutes

To make this more fun, I introduce this part as a game. I will say a number, and then read a situation. If they think that number falls under internal they will place  that number under internal. If they think external, then the number would go under it. Each situation will have a number and be one or the other. I think only one has conflict that is both, so that one will be really fun. 

I read the sentences to the class and have them place their numbers. They will put a thumb up when they have made up their mind. I will then call on a student to tell me where they placed the number. I will call on another student to tell me the support they have for that decision. 

The examples I used came from the internet and a set of flash cards that were made to practice conflict. They worked out well, I read them to the class and reread only when they needed it. The link is included.

Identify the Conflict

5 minutes

For the last part I found a You Tube video that show the types of conflict nicely. The first is to music and defines the conflict (character vs self) and then displays a movie example. This was a lot of fun because the class had a connection to the characters. When we finished the video, we talked about the examples. They had some great responses because of how well they knew the characters.