Short Cycle Assessment: Checking for Understanding

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SWBAT independently read a passage and identify character traits and corresponding evidence from the text.

Big Idea

Understanding a character and their traits lays the foundation for understanding fiction and all of its elements.

Short Cycle Assessment: Checking for Understanding

30 minutes

In order to ensure that students are growing and making progress through this unit, I am sprinkling short cycle assessments.  Today is one of those days.  The students are going to see a reading passage called Susie and Rover which can be found here.  They will also complete a chart detailing the character traits and evidence for characters in the text.  In the pretest, I named the characters and had the students fill in the traits.  

Leaving the character boxes open will allow the students to analyze the character they understand the best.  And, if they have trouble coming up with three traits for one character, they can save themselves by looking at the others.

I will collect and grade these assessments in order to adjust my instruction to meet the needs of my students.