MACBETH Day Five: Review Act I through Act Three, Scene iv

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SWBAT demonstrate comprehension through answer text-dependent questions and collaborative discsusion.

Big Idea

"Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made." ---Wayne Dyer

Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers

My classes are held in 100-minute block sessions every other day.  The activities in this lesson take one lesson to complete.

The lesson below outlines Day Five of Macbeth; students answer text-dependent questions for Act I, Scene i through Act III, Scene iii.

I have created an Animoto that shows the resources I use for Macbeth as well as the collaborative nature of my classroom

Collaboration: Answering Text-Dependent Questions

100 minutes

Today, I want students to review Macbeth because we are about to approach Act IV, Sc i in which Macbeth meets with the witches and experiences the apparitions are pivotal in his downfall.  I ask students to answer text-dependent questions (Assignment: Text-Dependent Questions) on Act I, Scene i through Act III, Scene iv. 

I allow them to use No Fear Shakespeare: Macbeth and work with no more than two partners. Students collaborate to answer the questions, going back to the text for clarification.  In fact, they require evidence from the text particularly when working with a partner on inferential questions (Student Work: Text-Dependent Questions)(Collaborative Discussion One)(Collaborative Discussion Two).  

When we begin running out of time, I tell students to choose the most significant question from each remaining act and answer it.