Halloween Count

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Students will be able to use one-to-one correspondence counting with numerals 0-5.

Big Idea

Kindergartners love Halloween! This lesson incorporates some ghoulish fun while counting.


5 minutes

Halloween can be fun for Kindergartners, but it can also be scary for some too. I like to introduce this lesson with a song that sets the mood, but not in an over the top scary way. Use of the video gets my students' attention, and engaged for the lesson. 


10 minutes

I begin instruction with children at their tables. When I first planned this lesson, my thought was that I would pass out handfuls of candy corn to each child and have them count how many they had. Unfortunately, due to some severe food allergies, I was unable to use candy. In place of candy, I use bingo chips.

The purpose of this activity was to get my kids warmed up and counting. I let students count for about 5 minutes; counting their pile of bingo chips. Once the student has counted their own pile, they can trade piles to count with other students at the table. Once the 5 minutes are up, my table captains collect the bingo chips.

Children stay seated, and I project today's assignment on the board. This task has Halloween pictures that students must count and write the numeral for. The numbers covered are 0-5. We complete the first box together. The students help me count 4 pumpkins, and I write the numeral four.

I also instruct students to color the pictures. I discuss this more in my reflection.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

Students work independently at their tables counting. I walk around the room assisting the children. As I observe, I notice the children were doing well counting, however their number formation was incorrect. There were lots of backwards numbers. I used a marker to show students the correct formation on their paper, and had them try it again next to mine.

Early exposure to math activities, like counting, will get children comfortable with numbers. This will hopefully make them successful later on in math!

I have included a student video and picture of the finished product.