The Publishing Party: A Celebration of Rhetorical Theme Analysis

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SWBAT celebrate the process of writing by being a member of the publishing party and offering positive feedback to their peers' essays.

Big Idea

Writing is hard work. Let's take some time to celebrate!

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is a great day! We get to celebrate the process of writing! We will get the party started, but first, a couple minutes of procedures. Before students enter, I'll assure there are lots of post-it notes at the tables for the students to use.  

As students enter class, I will ask them to get out their finished, polished essay and put it on their desk.  I will briefly go over the rules for the publishing party.  

Rule 1: Don't talk

Rule 2: Have a seat at a desk with a paper, read the paper and offer some positive feedback for the author.  You may note your favorite line or a particular part of the essay you think is insightful.  

Rule 3: When you're finished with that paper, simply get up and wait for another seat to open up. 


Finally, time to celebrate!

Student Work Time---The Party

35 minutes

I always participate in the publishing party and will today as well!  Often, I bring a paper of my own and ask students to read and reflect on it.  

Students will spend time writing reflections for a variety of tasks and audiences (W 9-10.10). This video of publishing party footage demonstrates how the class moves together.  When I first did this, I was nervous that there would be some seconds of standing around, waiting for a desk to open.  Not to worry.  It really works well and the students really enjoy it.  

As students are writing, I don't provide a lot of guidance about what to write on their sticky notes. I have found that as long as I'm part of the process, and thus modeling, students understand the process.  


5 minutes

When we are finished, I will ask students to return to their seat and spend some minutes reading the feedback.  It is awesome to watch students read positive words from their classmates.  It really justifies the hard work that they have put in to making their essay the best it can be.  

Here is a student's reaction to publishing party and a photo  of a finished piece of writing with positive comments attached.  My reflection for today explains why I use Publishing Party. 


When students are finished reading the comments, I will collect the papers for grading.