THE CANTERBURY TALES: Wrap-Up for Pardoner's Prologue and Tale

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SWBAT demonstrate applied comprehension through reader response, collaborative learning, and discussion.

Big Idea

"The love of money is the root of all evil." (1 Timothy 6:10, Pardoner's Prologue, THE CANTERBURY TALES

Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers

My class periods are held in 100-minute block sessions. The activities in this lesson take one class period to complete.  The activities outlined below are in preparation for my lesson on the Pardoner's Prologue and Tale on




100 minutes

To wrap up our study on the Pardoner, I assign a Performance Task (Assignment: Wrap-Up for Pardoner's Prologue and Tale). Since students have been working in collaborative pairs and groups from the beginning of the school year and work efficiently, I allow students to group themselves.  Today, students work in groups to share their responses to the the modern translation (Ecker and Crooke, 1993) of the Pardoner's Prologue and Tale from They discuss the text in light of their interpretations and explor observations and questions about the text, including uncertainties.

Next, students come to a consensus on (1) three observations and/or questions about the text and (2) the theme of the text. Each group creates a two-slide PowerPoint/Keynote presentation (Student Work: Group Presentation) which they will present next class. While creating their presentations, groups engage in fruitful discussion (Student Work: Group Discussion One)(Student Work: Group Discussion Two).