Procedural Text: Sports Manual

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SWBAT explain and interpret information in procedural text effectively.

Big Idea

How do procedural texts help us in the real world ? Students take advantage of the sports season to create sports manual and explore components of procedural text.

Introduction to Sports Manuals

20 minutes

     Using my Promethean Procedural Text Flipchart to guide instruction, I assess students' prior knowledge and discuss goals and scales for this lesson.  I find that doing so keeps students focused on the task at hand.  Today our focus is Sports Manuals. This lesson was a result of an interest survey that indicated our class would like more information on Sports Manuals.  A few boys and girls plays seasonal little league sports in our class. Also, we just completed Physical Education Field Days, which our class competed in sports events. So, these experiences drew natural curiosities. I discovered from past experiences that where there is interest, there is engagement in learning.  So, we share a few samples of actual sports manuals. 

    We analyzed and look for common features in these manuals. I ask students to begin planning how they would write their own sports manual by distributing a Procedural Writing Graphic Organizer that maps out the structure and organization of procedural texts.

  Exploring and analyzing sports manuals help students to make connections how steps relate to each other to reach an ultimate result or goal.  By becoming authors of procedural texts, students experience writing for a purpose. This conceptual knowledge can be scaffolded to build understanding of other types of informational texts.  Students learn to analyze informational text for its organization and content.  As writers, they learn to convey complex ideas and information clearly and precisely.

Creating Sports Manuals

20 minutes

     I model an example of creating a sports manual, using a Procedural Writing Analysis Organizer as a guide.  Students and I complete the template together, then create a manual incorporating the components we listed. We look at other samples together as I project manuals onto the Promethean Board.  Students review and discuss parts of procedural texts that apply such as:  list of equipment, rules for safety, directions, and pictures or diagrams to clarify instructions.

     Students work in pairs to create a sports manual. I distribute both graphic organizers that we viewed to each partner.  Most students preferred to select a topic they are familiar with: such as soccer or football.  Others used the available resources: laptops, books, articles, to research a port they would like to write about.  I am readily available to assist students as I circulate and observe their learning progress.  Students are informed that they will present their final products to the class.

Sharing Out

20 minutes

     Students were enthusiastic as they discussed the sports manual they created as evident by their presentations:  Football Procedure Presentation and Soccer Procedure Presentation.  We kept it a one page limit and included illustrations to clarify the steps.  However, students are not yet showing illustrations for each step.  Rather, they are just drawing a picture o someone playing the sport.  This will be our next steps.  Students need to realize that Procedural Texts should use diagrams to clarify meaning along the way.