Elapsed Time Assessment

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SWBAT calculate elapsed time and show their thinking using an open number line.

Big Idea

This summative assessment provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills with elapsed time.

Warm Up

5 minutes

During the warm up, I have students practice adding and subtracting on a number line using their whiteboards.  I choose simple equations, and then ask the students to share their solutions with a partner. Some the equations I select include:

55 - 23 = _____

47 - 29 = ______

17 + 39 = ______

48 + 12 = ______

I purposely choose one equation that will result in a sum of 60 because this assessment is on time. Practicing adding and subtracting during the warm up will help the students throughout this assessment.  I want them to be focusing on working within numbers 0 to 60, and to consider if a number is closer to a half hour or an hour.  This warm up is focused on   


55 minutes

Assessment is necessary to evaluate student progress and the teaching process. Today's assessment is summative, reviewing the measuring elapsed time unit.  The tasks in this lesson include reading analog clocks, calculating with an open number lines, and deriving information from a train schedule.  

The Common Core Standards emphasize making connections to real life applications. Using a train schedule provides an opportunity to practice reading a schedule (interpreting information conveyed by numbers with time as the unit of measure) and applying time measurements in a meaningful application.