Math Journals

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Students will attend to higher level problem solving with the use of a math journal.

Big Idea

Kindergartners love working together to solve problems. Using the math journal creates a feeling of accomplishment for eveyone involved

Math Journals in the Classroom

20 minutes

I have looked through numerous math journals that I could incorporate into my Kindergarten classroom. I finally came across some awesome monthly math journals from Ketchen's Kindergarten.

These journals include everything I have been looking for, and build on previous concepts each month. The best part is they are free! I have included a reflection on why I think math journals are important.

The math journals contain anywhere from 20-25 pages per each month. In my classroom, I have devoted a 15-20 minute period each Friday to cover 5 pages or so. The students take out their math journals, I display mine on the whiteboard, and we work together to solve the questions on each page. During this process, we are engaged in mathematical conversations; in which students are constructing viable arguments for their responses (MP3).

The last Friday of each month, we finish up our math journals and students take them home.

I have included a student video highlighting some of the pages in our November math journal.