Look Out for Bullies!

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SWBAT make a personal connection to a story and write about it. Student Objective: I can write about the theme of bullying.

Big Idea

Students are thinking when they are making a personal connection, which makes them more engaged in the reading experience.


20 minutes

I greet the group and tell them that they will be making a special piece of reading equipment, "Goggles", and as I am explaining, I put my pre-made pair of goggles on.  I tell the children that when I wear my goggles, I can see details in the story.  Looking at details helps children to think deeply about what they have read or what has been read to them. 

 Boys and girls, today you will be making a specialized piece of reading equipment--goggles!  When I wear my goggles, I can see details in the story.  When I see the details of the story, I can better understand the story.  

At your tables are all the materials you will need to make your special goggles.  When you start, you will need to take a permanent marker and write your name on the plastic piece.  Then you will need to twist a pipe cleaner on each side of the plastic, like this.  The jewels and stickies are for decorating your goggles to make them your personal designs.

The children are at their tables with a set of "Goggle"-making supplies: a permanent marker, self-adhesive gems, stickers, foamies, pipe cleaners, and 1/3 of a six-pack holder per child.  The children begin by twisting a pipe cleaner on each side of their piece of the plastic six-pack holder.  The children write their names on the plastic and then embellish the goggles with the stickies.

Here we are making our goggles.

Now that your goggles are finished, I will be reading a story to you where your goggles will be most useful to you.


15 minutes

 The book that I am reading is Goggles by Ezra Jack Keats. Do you remember something about our author/illustrator. (Ezra Jack Keats is our Author of the Month for January, but this lesson could be used for Anti-bullying Month in October, or for Ezra Jack Keat's Birthday in March.)  This is another book about Peter, Archie and Willie.  The boys find something special, but they also are dealing with a problem.  Use your goggles to search for the treasure that the boys have found and what they do next to solve the problem that arises.

What do you think about the big boys?  How do you think Peter, Archie and Willie were feeling?  Let's write down how the boys reacted to the problems they were having.  Have you ever had a situation where someone was a bully to you?  How did you handle your situation?  

We share our thoughts about the neighborhood bullies and talk about the feelings that Peter, Archie and Willie were having.  On Bully Chart paper, we list about how they handled the bullies and included some incidents of bullying that we have faced.  The children talk about how they handled the situations.



15 minutes

Now that we have talked about the bullies in the story and about a time when some of you were bullied, you will be writing about a time when someone was not nice to you.  We will use these pages to teach each other about how it feels to be picked on.  When we are done writing, I will let a few of you share what you wrote and we will talk about how this would make us feel.  If you look at the chart we made, you may get some ideas to help you write your story.  We have many places in our room to help with words.  Where are some of those places? (Word Wall, Anchor Charts, etc.)  Who could you go to for help? (Teacher, parapro, friends)  Use the resources in our room to help you do your best work.

We gather back together after the children have finished their Writing piece.  I let three to five students share their pages and I ask the children to give their input as to what they would have done if they were in the same situation.