Happy New Year!

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Students will be able to use their number sense to count down from 10.

Big Idea

Applying real-world experiences and music, make this lesson a fun New Years celebration in the classroom.


10 minutes

This math lesson was presented on our first day back from holiday break. Often times, the first couple of days back from a break are hard to get my students back into a routine. I planned this lesson for a couple of reasons:

1. It is fairly simple. Planning a complicated lesson the first day back from break would not have been beneficial.

2. This lesson is touching on a recent experience for my students, which helps connect them to the lesson.

To begin, I gather students on the carpet and ask them all about New Year's Eve. I prompt children to share how they celebrated the holiday. Many of the children told me they "watched the big ball drop". This allows me to ask questions such as, "Well what did you do right before the ball dropped?" Several of my students were able to tell me they counted.

At this point, I discuss how we count down on New Year's Eve. I ask the students if they can show me. A student video of this has been included.

After our countdown, I explain to students that they will cut & glue the numbers 1-10 the same way we counted down. I ask children to tell me what numeral I should begin with, and they assist me in gluing down 10. 

Independent Practice

15 minutes

Students head back to their tables to begin working on their New Year Countdown. While students are working, I play a song that we have previously learned about counting up and then back down to 10. The song is Let's Count Up to Ten Counting Song by KidsTV123.

As the class is working, I move around the room monitoring work. Students completed this assignment without any issues, and had fun singing along as they worked.