Nine, Nine, Nine!

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Students will be able to build the numeral nine in multiple ways.

Big Idea

Kindergartners are given an opportunity to express their number sense in this activity.


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I gather students in front of the white board for a quick video. I inform the class that we will be working with a certain numeral today, and that after the video I am hoping they can guess the number. This gets my students' attention right away, my class loves it when I give them little challenges. 

After viewing the video, my students are all excited to tell me the number for today's lesson is 9.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

The assignment today can be used with any numeral up to 10. I actually use it for each number, but on this particular day I was highlighting 9. The activity asks students to provide a numeral word, ten frame, tallies, and picture for a specific number; in this case 9. 

My students are already familiar with numeral words, ten frames, and tallies. Our previous lessons, The Math Wall, and Calendar Time all incorporate these concepts.

I prefer to have students complete this assignment with me in a guided setting, rather than independently. I have given the assignment with other numerals as independent practice in the past, and I feel that students are more successful when we discuss each bubble together. In addition, they love coming up to the board to help. I display the assignment on our projection screen while students are sitting at their tables with the assignment in front of them. I call on students to come up and help me fill in each bubble. As we complete each section, students are following along and filling in their own papers. I walk around the room as we work to ensure each student is on the right track.

I have included a picture and student video of a completed assignment.

Once we have completed the assignment together, students are directed to place them into their mailboxes for home.