Subordinate Clauses

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SWBAT will be able to identify, demonstrate, and explain the function of subordinate clauses in complex sentences.

Big Idea

How do I write a complex sentence?

Introduce Subordinate Clauses

10 minutes

Through the use of the Subordinate Clause power point, I introduced the concept of subordinate conjunctions and clauses (PP screen 2 and 3).  I provided a reference sheet for students to glue in their notebooks and add information to assist in their comprehension as we reviewed the power point.

Complex Sentences

5 minutes

Using Screen 4 and 5 in the Subordinate Clause Power Point, I explained complex sentences.  This also included discussing independent clauses vs dependent clauses.

Recognizing Subordinate Clauses

5 minutes

At first we practiced identifying subordinate clauses in examples as a whole class discussion  (Screens 6 and 7).  Students then practiced this exercise independently using screens 8 and checking their answers with screen  9.

Independent Practice Writing

10 minutes

Using Screen 10 as a guide, students practiced writing complex sentences by add a subordinate clause and correctly punctuating the sentences.   As a closure to the lesson, students shared and evaluated their partner’s written sentences.