Snowman Sequence

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Students will be able to sequence the numerals 0 - 10.

Big Idea

Kindergartners use their number sense to sequence a wintertime favorite - a SNOWMAN!


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I gather students on the carpet for a story. I have chosen to read, Snowflakes and Ice Skates by Rebecca F. Davis. This is a counting book that uses winter items. I like using picture books in math to engage students and prepare them for a lesson. I particularly like this book because it also has a number line on each page. I try to expose my students to math in various forms.


5 minutes

The particular assignment for today is sequencing snowmen using the numerals 0-10. I am actually using this as a report card portfolio piece. On student report cards, there is a section for number sequencing. Number sequencing begins with 0-10, then on to 0-15, and finally 0-20 on the report card. This marking period 0-10 is the benchmark. 

While students are still gathered on the carpet, I show them today's task. I show the assignment and explain that the snowmen must be put into the correct order beginning with zero. Students will need to cut out each snowman and glue them onto the corresponding page. I do not actually cut out a snowman and model, like I normally would. I am using this piece to gauge students' understanding of sequencing independently, so only a verbal explanation is given.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

I send children to their tables for independent practice. Each table in my classroom has an assigned "table captain" for the week. I send table captains to get glue & scissors for the children at their table.

As children are working, I am moving around the room observing. I noticed that 2 of my students were putting numbers completely out of order. I make note of who they are, but do not intervene. I know I will need to review this skill with them at a later time, but for this particular assignment the purpose is to get an accurate picture of sequencing skills. In my reflection, I discuss more about report card portfolios and gathering student work.

Overall, the majority of my students were able to correctly sequence the numerals  0-10. I have included a video of one little smartie!