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SWBAT show the meaning of a new vocabulary word.

Big Idea

Can you teach the class a new word?

Setting it Up

10 minutes

I am always trying to come up with new and interesting ways to present vocabulary words to my class.  Since they receive 15 new words every two weeks, the whole process can become monotonous for us all.  

Recently, I found a resource connected with Wordly Wise, where the words are read and explained to the students.  This has become a great study resource for my students, and I will use it today to introduce the words to them.  Sometimes it is nice to listen to someone else's voice for a change.  : )

I will tell the students ahead of time that they will be teaching one of the vocabulary words to the class.  

As they listen and follow along with their packets, they are going to mark words that they liked or at least thought were interesting.  

Student Work Time

20 minutes

I will have students work in groups of two for this activity, and since they will be excited to do it, I will allow them to choose their partners.  If groups of 3 are necessary, I will give them one of the extra words to do.  

I'll let each group choose their word, and cross it off the list so that there are no repeats.  

Groups will need to show the definition in some way.  It can be through a picture, diagram, written words, or a short skit.  They'll also need to make sure to say the word and its meaning.

Here is an example of a short skit:


I have a feeling that most of my students will choose to act out the words, but I want to give other options for those that are uncomfortable with that idea.  Even if students draw or write about the word, I'll have them narrate as I video tape their work.

I'll give students about 15 minutes to work, and then I will begin video taping.  

Later, I'll compile the clips using Microsoft Movie Maker, and add captions featuring the words.  

The Show

10 minutes

The fun comes when students get to watch themselves and their classmates up on the Smart Board.  I'll plan on playing the video every few days until the test.  We will stop and discuss the words, other examples, and multiple definitions as well.  The students love to see themselves and their work up on the big screen, and it helps me meet my goal of incorporating more vigorous vocabulary into my curriculum.    

Sample Video