Common Core Geometry Midcourse Assessment Review Day 1 of 2

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SWBAT create a review sheet for the Midcourse Assessment

Big Idea

Students create a review sheet covering topics from the first day of the midcourse assessment. They write tips for performing constructions and create questions about transformations on the coordinate plane.

Do Now

6 minutes

As the students walk in the room, the Do Now is projected on the board. Students are asked to write descriptions of terms covered in previous lessons. Since this is a quick review, I only have the students write descriptions of three of the five words given. This allows for student choice. After four minutes, we go over all of the terms. I call on a student to give his or her description and then ask others to build on the definitions if necessary. 


2 minutes

This is the first day of a two day review for the mid-course assessment. Rather than provide direct instruction, I have the students create their own study guides. The review covers topics from the units "Geometric Constructions" and "Transformational Geometry."

At the beginning of the the mini-lesson, I hand out the review sheet and explain the flow for the lesson:

For the first part of the activity, students work independently to perform constructions and write tips for performing the constructions (MP5). They then share their constructions and tips with a partner. On the back of the worksheet, students create their own questions about transformations and then have their partners check their work (MP3).

We go over the first construction as an example. Students construct the perpendicular bisector of a segment. As a class, we come up with tips for the construction. For example, "Place the compass point on one endpoint and open the compass so it is closer to the other endpoint."


30 minutes

Students work in pairs and independently to create their review sheets. At the beginning of the activity, each student in a pair chooses two constructions to work on from the worksheet. Each works independently to perform constructions and write tips about the constructions.  After about 8 minutes, they share their constructions with each other and write down their partner’s tips.

I designed this activity so students can share their ideas with each other. Sometimes students understand concepts better when their peers explain to them. Student discourse helps to ensure comprehension and engagement.

For the next 8 minutes, students write and perform transformations involving the given transformation. Each student chooses two transformations to write questions. Students then share out their questions and transformations with their partner. They discuss their transformations and check that the transformations are performed correctly (MP6).


7 minutes

After the students have discussed their transformations with their partners, we share out some of the questions with the whole class. I choose a few students to ask or show their question on the document camera and then the other students in the class verify the transformation is correct.