Extended Metaphor Essay, Day Two

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Students will be able to write exposition by creating an extended metaphor essay.

Big Idea

Creativity and logic collide--an extended metaphor essay.

Do Now: Transition Review

5 minutes

Today I will ask students to use transitions in their extended metaphor essays; since this essay will primarily feature comparison, I give students a head start by asking them to list transitions for comparison.

Students are faster today (in a previous lesson, they sat confused until I reminded them they had notes); in fact, many don't even need to refer to notes before giving a transition. I make a list on the board to provide another visual reminder for students as they work on their essays later in class.


Extended Metaphor Essay

40 minutes

I ask students to apply our recent lessons to their writing today. While they write their rough drafts of their extended metaphor essay, a challenge in itself given its abstract nature (students must base an entire essay off a metaphor such as, "Love is a double-edged sword," examining how the statement is true) and a good step up in skill after their self-reflective essay, they should include new transitions from their notes and at least one dash.

Students have a silent work day to get their drafts complete. I circulate as they work to offer encouragement and advice:

I do not collect drafts today, though most students are done. I will ask students to revise and add in new elements during our next writing lesson.