Expository Essay Writing Reflection

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SWBAT reflect on their recent Expository Essays and their writing so far this year.

Big Idea

Sometimes a deep reflection of a student's body of writing is enough to teach both of us something!

Writing Reflection

35 minutes

I gave the students a chance to reflect after they'd gotten back their Expository Essays from the previous unit. I allow the students plenty of time to look back on their writing from the year so far, including the drafts and the final pieces. I want them to see the PROCESS, not just the product at the end with a grade.

I had them use this Blank writing reflection sheet to track their thinking.

This first student reflection tells me a lot about how they struggled with their essay. And the second student reflection gives me a lot of insight about how this student is struggling with transferring her voice into writing. Such valuable insight from both!

The work time and reflection portion of the lesson were combined and took a good chunk of time because I wanted them to really think about how far they have come in their writing so far this year, and how much work is ahead of them. I heard kids talking about how their writing is sophisticated this year, and the writing "sounds more adult," than it did last year in elementary school.

I passed back their scored expository essays, and had the students read my comments. During this time, I rotated around and translated my writing and answered any questions. The questions asked them in what areas could they grow, what actions could they take to do better, then what am I, as their teacher, missing.