Vocabulary and iPads

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SWBAT define vocabulary words and find examples to help them understand new words.

Big Idea

Technology such as, iPads make learning more engaging. Students will practice looking for Vocabulary words from their history book on the iPads and then they will use it to find an image to use as their example.

iPad Rules

2 minutes

Before we begin I want to touch base with the class on the rules for using the iPads. We go over the rules we created at the beginning of the year and remind ourselves of their purpose. Today I tell them their purpose will be to research vocabulary and find good examples to help us with our understanding. 

Vocabulary Words and Foldable

2 minutes

The vocabulary words we are going to use are from our history book and learning about the "New World" and the changes that will occur from Spanish exploration. I hand out a lined piece of paper so they have a place to record what they find. 

I ask them to fold their paper "hot dog" style or long ways. I have them label the left side Vocabulary and the right side Definition and Example. This will be where they will record and draw to help them learn new vocabulary words. 


Searching for a Good Source and Defining the Word

5 minutes

To begin I want to model how I will use Safari on the iPad to look for the word I want to define. I model how I type in the word to the top bar and hit search. I then read to them all of the sites that come up from my search. I scroll down until I find a dictionary source and I show how I know that it is from the dictionary. I then model putting the definition into my own words and adding it to my paper. The last part is modeling going back to my search and clicking the image tab to see what might there that can help me understand the word better. 

It is now their turn to try. I walk them through the same way I just showed them. I give them the word "conquistador," and have them type into their search bar. We find a dictionary result from our search and pull it up. We change the definition to our own and then look for a picture to that we can use to understand. I have them draw this picture under their definition. 

We continue to do this until we have added the words we needed to. 

For the illustrators, the drawing really helps them understand the words better. It also gives them a chance to show off their creativity.