Text Structures-Review

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SWBAT demonstrate mastery of text structures by working with and analyzing a variety of text.

Big Idea

Students are pushed to grapple with complex text to determine the structure. Can they endure?

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

After working so hard to master the text structures, we have reached the end! Today, we are gong to work on applying all the structures to demonstrate mastery of the concept.  To do this, the students will need to be confident in the structures. 

To review the structures, I will have the students match the terms, definitions, and visuals.  We have done this before so this shouldn't take too much instruction and should simply be a review. I'll use the handout, but cut out the boxes and mix up the terms, visuals, clue words, and definitions ahead of time. 

I will have the students work in Shoulder Partners to provide support to one another.  I'll circulate and check their answers. 

Finally, I'll display the correct answers and have the students check their work. 


25 minutes

It's time for the students to get in a dirty with the structures.  I will pass out the graphic organizers and passages for the Review Activity and have read through the directions so all students understand what they need to do. 

In this activity, the students will read through passages written in different text structures and are asked to identify the structure and complete the graphic organizer that goes with the structure.  This activity is a much more complex activity and really is important for them to struggle through.  I have given them all the tools and they can use their notes.  This is their time to demonstrate understanding.  

I will have them work on their own, but use their shoulder partners if needed to to check their work.  I like the students to have the chance to see how their peers came up with their answers.  I think it provides great modeling for the struggling students. 

As they are working, I will use this time to work with the struggling students, reminding all students to use the clue words for each structure.  I will have students who are struggling to identify the clue words.  This also gives me a chance to see if students struggle with any a specific structure. 

I'll have the students work through to complete the activity. Then we will go over their answers and discuss each passage. 


15 minutes

I want to assess their ability to identify the structure or a text.  We have spent a lot of time learning each structure in isolation and reviewed using the structures with passages.  Now, I need to assess the students and determine if more time is needed on this concept or if I can move on. 

I will pass out the performance based assessment and have them work to complete it.  I will have the students turn it in once they are done. 


7 minutes

Since we are ending our study of structures, I want the students to process on why we learned about the structures and why they are important. 

I will ask the students to complete a Closure Slip.  I can use this to assess their learning and to decide if more instruction is needed.