Creating Thematic Posters

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Students will be able to produce a poster or multimedia presentation that analyzes an authors' main ideas and use of language.

Big Idea

The relevance of poetry is found by finding poetic devices and figurative language in the music students listen to everyday.

Daily Grammar

10 minutes

Creating Thematic Posters

30 minutes

Today students worked on their posters to pull everything for this project together.  I pulled out my giant tub of old, donated magazines.  I gave students sheets of construction paper.  I pulled out the tray of glue sticks, bottles of glue, and scissors.  I sent a few students to the library to print out new copies of their lyrics.  I gave them copies of the legend that I created.

My role in today's lesson?  Today was one of those nice days when I've done the teaching, and it's the students' turn to demonstrate what they've learned.  It's like the test day without the test or without proctoring a test and making sure everyone's quiet.  I made sure the students clean up their mess, don't stab each other with scissors, provide direction and suggestions for students. 

It's a loud day, a crazy day, but a day that's totally worth it because students show what they've learned in an authentic manner.

This collage shows four students' posters who did an excellent job of conveying the theme of their songs.

Lesson Resources

Today's lesson picture is one of my student's posters.