Working with Numbers 11-20 Review

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Students will be able to practice comparing numbers and working with place value.

Big Idea

Winter is a great time for practicing important number concepts with these fun, interactive activities.

Activity 1

10 minutes

This review lesson is comprised of three separate activities.  You can divide your students into three groups an have them rotate through the activities, or maybe you want to focus on just one activity and have the entire class complete it.  The activities would also be great for learning centers.

For the first activity, you will need Snowy Place Value, included as a PDF with this lesson.  I print the cards with a colored printer and laminate them for durability.  I cut apart the cards and post them around the room.  There is a recording sheet that each student will need. 

I tell the students, We are going to be practicing our work with ten frames and base ten blocks  You will find numbers around the room  I want you to write the number you see on you r recording sheet next to the correct picture.  Then, I want you to represent that number by coloring in the base ten blocks or ten frame.  Continue around the room until you have all the spaces completed on your recording sheet.  Bring the sheet back to me to check when you are all done.

The students begin working.  To see how this activity works, click here to view a video of a similar activity.  I monitor the students as they are working to catch any mistakes.  I remind students to fill in from the bottom on the base ten blocks and from the top on the ten frame.  I have them "count" a few problems for me when they are done, reinforcing saying ten for a full ten frame or complete rod. 

Activity 2

10 minutes

For this activity, you will need the Snowball Battle activity, included as a PDF with this lesson.  You will need to run one set of cards for every two students.  Laminate the cards for durability and cut them apart. 

Many of the students are familiar with the card game war.  This activity has the same rules.  Students divide the cards between them.  The students turn cards over and whoever has the greater card (or lesser if you would like to reinforce that concept), gets both cards.  If the cards are equal, the students have a "battle".  They each put two cards face down and flip over a third.  Whoever has the greater card gets all of the cards.  At the end of play, whoever has the most cards is the winner. 

Activity 3

10 minutes

For this part of the review, you will need Winter Number Order included as a PDF with this lesson.  I run the cards on a colored printer, laminate them and cut them apart.  Each student will need a recording sheet as well.

I tell the students, We are going to practice ordering numbers from least to greatest.  You will take a card and look for the matching picture on your recording sheet.  Put the numbers on the card in order from least to greatest and write the number in the matching spot on your sheet.  Continue until all the spots on your recording sheet are filled.  When you are done, I will check your work. 

The students begin working and I monitor their work.  When the students have completed the activity, I check their work.  They put the completed sheet in their mailbox.