Informational: Finding Examples of Rule Makers and Rule Breakers

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SWBAT cite evidence from a magazine article about a Rule Maker or Rule Breaker and write a response by determining central idea and important claims while gathering evidence from UpFront magazine.

Big Idea

Who rules the world? Rule Makers or Rule Breakers?

Unit Overview

I am excited for this new unit! We are going to examine Rule Makers and Rule Breakers throughout history and in current times.  We will be focusing on the reading of informative and argumentative texts.  This will be a change to our last unit which mostly focused on narrative texts. While centering my units around the standards is important, content is as well.  Having a common theme allows students to see connections between text types.  

Warm Up

10 minutes

Since today begins a new unit and I often try to focus a unit thematically and tie content to that theme, I will begin with a warm up on the theme of this new unit: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers.

I will set the timer for five minutes and direct students to the Smart Board.

For 5 minutes answer the following questions:  Do you consider yourself a rule maker or a rule breaker?  Does our society need one more than the other? What would happen if we had a society predominated by rule breakers? (W.9-10.10)

Answering this prompt will get students thinking about this theme and give us a piece of writing we can return to at the end of the unit.  

After students have answered, I will open the discussion to the entire class.  Since this is the first time we have discussed this, I am anxious to hear students discussing warm up.  


Student Work Time

35 minutes

Once we have spent time discussing the role of Rule Makers and Rule Breakers, I want to give students an opportunity to find an article that discusses a Rule Maker or Rule Breaker.  In my school, I am blessed to have a classroom subscription to Upfront Magazine.  I am going to distribute a magazine to each student and instruct them to find an article that informs the audience about a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker.  Once they find the article they are going to use, students will write a one page response to the article.  I will display their assignment on the board.

This morning you have been thinking about the role of Rule Makers and Rule Breakers.  Now, I want you to find an article about either a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker from Upfront magazine.  Once you find the article you want to work with, read and annotate it carefully.  Once it is annotated, write a one page response that answers the following (W 9-10.2):

  1.  What is the article’s central idea and provide a brief summary (RI 9-10.2)
  2.  Explain how the article subject is either a Rule Maker or Rule Breaker.  Use evidence  from the text to support this section (RI 9-10.1).
  3.  How has this person either helped society or hurt society?

 Here is a word document of the assignment, Examining Informational Text for a Rule Maker or Rule Breaker

As students work on this assignment, I will walk around and help.  I really want to see students begin to think deeply about this theme and I want them to gain confidence finding an example of the theme. 



5 minutes

To finish class today, I want students to make a preliminary decision about which they are, either a Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker.  I will make a T Chart on my white board with the headings Rule Maker and Rule Breaker and ask students to come up and sign their name under the category that most defines them.  I will take a picture when the class is finished and at the end of the unit, I will project that picture and ask if their mind has changed.