"Snow" Long Ago: The Second Close Read of Snowflake Bentley

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SWBAT read a text independently and answer questions that show a proficient level of understanding

Big Idea

Being able to independently read and understand a text is a necessary skill in all facets of life.

Building Background: A Closer Look at Setting

10 minutes

Today we continue our analysis of the text Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Martin Briggs with the second close reading.  

In the first lesson, we began by looking at the differences in climate and today I want to fill in gaps with a look at the time period the book takes place in.  When the students arrive, the Smart board is ready and their books are on their desks.

I begin with a question- On the first page of the text, the author says, "In the days when farmers worked with oxen and sled and cut the dark with lantern light."  What does she mean by this?

Time to Annotate: 2nd Close Read of Snowflake Bentley

30 minutes

Today the students are going to read Snowflake Bentley again, but this time they will do so independently.  I tell them to take out their "Read With a Pencil" bookmarks so they can properly annotate the text.  Then I give them time to read.

I circulate, once again, answering questions and ensuring all are on task.  

As the students near the end of reading, I hand out more text dependent questions.  This time I'm collecting the responses for a grade.  This time students must also answer independently. 

I give them time to answer before we begin to share and evaluate.  

Sharing and Evaluating

10 minutes

After students finish answering questions, we share, but this time I don't want students adding to their answers, so I collect them first and ask for volunteers to share.  The other students evaluate their work based on holding up fingers for a score.  Two fingers for two points, one finger for one point and a fist for zero points.