Choices and Consequences Impacting the Protagonist

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SWBAT identify and explain how the impact of choices made in the novel will interact with the character development of the protagonist.

Big Idea

How choices impact Paul, the protagonist!

Record/Analyze Choices

20 minutes

Students began reading the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor, a few days ago.  Today, we took time to brainstorm a list of choices that have occurred throughout the novel up to this point.  Numerous choices were made by Paul, the protagonist, but I also guided students to include choices made by other characters that impacted Paul.  After reviewing the brainstormed list, as a class we noted which choices had the most influence upon Paul.  Students then chose and  recorded the strongest choices made in this novel and noted how they are beginning toaffect Paul.  We will continue to keep a running-record of choices made by characters throughout the novel. 

Writing Response

30 minutes


Prior to students writing their own response, as a class we selected one choice to model incorporating textual evidence.  I identified the choice on the board, then students perused their novel to locate textual evidence that would support the concept that the choice impacted Paul. I wrote this information on the board and explained that the students would be organizing their ideas in the same manner using the Perfect Paragraph format that they have used throughout the year.

Students next selected the choice and consequence that they feel had the most substantial influence upon Paul.   Using the perfect paragraph format, they identified the choice, listed consequences and why this choice had an impact upon Paul including textual evidence to support their reasons, and finally,drew a conclusion about the impact it had upon Paul.  As student are creating this organizer, I interact with students to make sure they are using strong examples to support their opinions.

After using this organizer for their pre-writing, students began to write their paragraph.  Once students take time to organize their thoughts using this graphic organizer, they just need to translate their ideas into well constructed sentence and they are on their way to a well-organized paragraph.