Review of Character Traits and Motivation

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SWBAT explain what character traits are and identify them in themselves and in people they know.

Big Idea

Understanding characters and making connections to the text increases understanding of the text.

Guided Notes: Left Side Interactive Notebook Activity

10 minutes

Today when the students enter the room, they find the Smart board turned on and their student interactive notebooks at their desks- today is left side activity day.  Today's left side activity, much to my students' dismay is NOT a foldable.  ("But, Mrs. Barnes, we ALWAYS do a foldable on the left side!")  This time, our right side will be a foldable so they will just have to wait!!  

Based on the pretest results, I need to do a bit more direct instruction than I had hoped, so our left side activity will be guided notes to go along with the Smart board lesson.  I hand out the guided notes paper and tell the students to cut the paper so it fits onto their left side.  They then glue the page in and then I tell them it is their job to fill in the blanks as we go along in the Smart board.  

Smart Board Learning: Filling in the Guided Notes

40 minutes

As I go through slide by slide of the Smart board lesson, the students begin to fill in the blanks as they come across answers.  

I like guided notes because I can control the flow of information and the conversation that occurs with each slide advanced.  It is no different here.  The students are engaged in the activities on each slide and this lesson provides them the foundation/review they need to be ready to move on to deeper character analysis.  

We complete the Smart board lesson and reach the last slide where the guided notes paper is located.  I call on students to come to the Smart board to write answers.  This process gives those who may have fallen behind or gotten some answers incorrect the opportunity to get theirs filled in and ask any remaining questions.

Exit Ticket

15 minutes

After we make sure everyone has the correct answers on their guided notes,  I hand out the exit ticket and the students get to work.  If all goes well, we can do right side activity tomorrow and move on to working with a text.