Midterm Exam

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SWBAT show understanding of the important concepts from the semester.

Big Idea

The semester exam - a test for your students and for you!

Midterm Exam

90 minutes

Today is midterm exam day! This is not only a test for your students - it is a test for you to see how well you have taught your students. In this video I talk about the midterm exam and my philosophy behind it.

If I didn't have to use a district-mandated common assessment, I would write a test that includes a multiple choice portion with a few good free response questions that encapsulate the big ideas of the semester. In this document are a few free response questions that I think do a good job of addressing the most important concepts of the semester.

Another important aspect of these free response questions is that every student in my class will be able to make some progress on them. For a midterm exam that is 20% of their semester grade, I want to pick questions that every student can contribute something to. Each question will have varying levels of responses so they lend themselves well to a 3 point grading rubric.

Here is what I would use for this 3 point rubric:

  • 3 points - The answer is mostly correct and explanations are clear. Precise mathematical vocabulary is used. If there are errors, they are very slight and are procedural rather than conceptual in nature.
  • 2 points - The answer is on the right track and explanations are mostly clear. There may be one lapse in logic and some precise mathematical vocabulary is used.
  • 1 point - The answer has some portion of correctness and there are explanations. Explanations are not entirely clear and may have significant gaps in logic. Precise mathematical vocabulary is not used.
  • 0 points - No answer is given or there is no correct portion.