Midterm Review Game: Trashball

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SWBAT review the important concepts of the entire semester.

Big Idea

Use Trashball to get students ready for the midterm exam!

Midterm Review Packet Questions

30 minutes

The first half of today’s class is to go over any questions from the midterm review that were not addressed in yesterday’s class. I see this as a time to tie up any loose ends and for you to prepare students for the midterm exam. Yesterday was somewhat informal, so today I will address the whole class and go over questions. If students still have questions after talking it over with their group and talking to me in class yesterday, then it might be a big issue that we want to address with the class.

In this video I talk about some other things I address during this portion of class.

Review Game: Trashball

25 minutes

Today's review game is going to cover all of the concepts that we learned this semester. When I wrote the questions for this review game, I focused on concepts that I knew would be most problematic for students on the midterm exam. My hope is that these questions will get them ready for their exam and also give them a mental break from the stress of preparing for exams.

For Trashball I set the recycle bin in front of the room and have masking tape on the floor that denotes the 1 point shot, the 3 point shot, and the 5 point shot. The 5 point shot is usually about ten feet away from the recycle bin and the others are closer. There is also a 50 point shot on the opposite side of the room.

I start by choosing a problem from the PowerPoint for students to work on. I give them a minute or two to complete it. Once that time is up I randomly select a student. If they get the question right and can explain their process, then their team gets one point. Then, they get to shoot the trashball (taped up crumpled paper) for bonus points. They get to choose where to shoot from. I alternate teams with each problem. If someone gets the question wrong, I go to the next team and choose someone else.

We keep going until all of the problems have been completed. The team with the most points is the winner!