Writing Fluid Prose: Revisions and Consultation

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SWBAT revise their own arguments using a theme/rheme analysis to build stronger central ideas by analyzing their own work and consulting with the teacher.

Big Idea

Always having the central argument in mind when writing is a key to creating fluid prose.


Revisions/One on One Consultation

70 minutes

I will begin today with a couple reminders based on my observations yesterday.  The most important is to make sure they are clearly defending, challenging, or qualifying Cline’s argument.  I will also remind them again of how to use the theme/rheme analysis to make sure they are always building on what they just said.   Finally, I will tell them that they should have two copies of a very strong draft for tomorrow, when we will have a peer-review session, and that their final draft will be due the beginning of next week (this should also put some pressure on them to focus and get their drafts done).  Then we will go to the library so students can continue working on their arguments and I can touch base with them as needed.