Native American Petroglyphs - Close Read - "Vernal Area Rock Art"

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SWBAT identify the key ideas and details within this non-fiction text as well as identify the text structure.

Big Idea

We will be taking a close look at "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle and Kelda Wilson. We focus on the key ideas and details in the text as, well as, the craft and structure.


Vocabulary Review

15 minutes

Before we begin our close read of the text "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle, Ph.D. and Kelda Wilson, we will review the vocabulary words we learned yesterday.  We will play "Teacher vs. Students" to review. I have a can with each student's name on a wood craft stick.  I will pull out a stick to choose a student and then draw one of our vocabulary cards.  If it is a word, that student needs to give me the definition.  If it is a definition, they need to give me a word.  If the student answers correctly, the students get a point.  If they answer incorrectly, I get the point. We will go through the cards a couple of times for a good review.

Close Read

40 minutes

Today we will be focusing on the article "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle and Kelda Wilson.  Close reads focus on a smaller article or text or a portion of a complex article or text.  This article is longer than I normally use for close reads, however the information contained in the article is extremely valuable for a writing assignment we will be doing later in the unit.  During a close read, we take a deeper look at the text.  We hit many of the Common Core standards during a close read.  We are analyzing, finding meaning, determining the author's purpose, comparing and contrasting, etc.  When we do a close read, it is more than simply reading through the text.  This is one of the biggest shifts that has come from common core.  We really get into the heart of the text.  No more surface skimming for us!

We will be reading the article together as a class.  I will project the article onto the smartboard and have the students gather at the front of the class.  We will start out, before we begin reading, by looking through the article and talking about text features we notice within the text. We have talked about text features quite a bit now and the students should be able to point out text features easily and quickly.  

I have included discussion questions in the resources that we will talk about as we tackle this article today.