The Goshute Tribe

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SWBAT present information they have gathered through research about their Native American tribe. Students will also be able to paraphrase information presented from different sources.

Big Idea

Today is the BIG day! Our first tribe will present their research and Native American tale to the class! We will focus our day on the Goshute tribe and paraphrasing information presented on the tribe.


Goshute Tribe Presentation

15 minutes

The students have been researching a Utah Native American tribe as a group for this unit.  They have read about the tribe in books, they have researched online, they have created a poster as a visual for their presentation, and they have prepared a Native American tale to retell from their tribe.  Today is the big moment for the Goshute tribe!  They get to tell the rest of their classmates about the incredible information they have learned about the Goshute tribe!

The Goshute tribe presentation will start our lesson out today.  I like the kids to present first so that they feel like their information is most important.  They are also so excited to present that they are almost bursting with enthusiasm.  

While the tribe is presenting information, I will encourage the rest of the class to take notes on the "Goshute" page in their "Native American Tribes of Utah" Packet.  I have included a packet in the resources that could be used for areas outside of Utah as well.

After the presentation we will mark on the map in our packets where in Utah the tribe lived.

Goshute Video Clip

15 minutes

Next, I will show the students a video clip about the Goshute tribe as an additional source of information as well as a source for comparing and contrasting information for our writing activity. Again if you are from a different area, you could easily substitute a clip on the tribes from your area.

After the clip, groups will discuss similarities and differences between the presentation and the video clip.  This will lead us right into the writing portion of the lesson.

Writing - Compare/Contrast and Paraphrase

20 minutes

The students have now been richly fed with knowledge about the Goshute tribe from both their classmates and the video clip. They have had a chance to discuss the similarities and differences in a group.   We will now fill out a Venn Diagram in our "Native American Tribes of Utah" booklet comparing and contrasting the information presented today.

 After filling in the Venn Diagram, we will review as a class what it means to "paraphrase."  The writing assignment will be to paraphrase what they have learned from both the presentation and the video clip about  the Goshute tribe. This page is also found in the "Native American Tribes of Utah" booklet.