Tribe Presentation Preparation

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SWBAT work together in groups to put their presentations together and practice before they present to the class.

Big Idea

Our students are working in "tribes" to research, create posters, and present information to the class . Today the tribes are going to put all the information together for their presentations and practice their presentations.


Presentation Preparation

60 minutes

Today I promised the students the entire time to put together and practice their presentations. Their presentation assignment includes two major parts: Their Native American tale, and the presentation of information about their tribe using their posters.  

Many of the groups feel unprepared at this point.  Some of the groups haven't finished their posters and all of the groups felt they needed more time to practice their Native American Tale.

I will remind the students that this time should be used to finish up their posters if needed, practice their Native American tales, make sure each person in their tribe knows which part of the presentation they are responsible for, and practice putting it all together as if they are front of the class.  Of course, while they are working I will be available to help tribes when needed and keep the tribes on task.