Polynomial Vocabulary

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SWBAT identify the degree and leading coefficient of a polynomial expression and determine if the expression is quadratic.

Big Idea

Students learn best when working collaboratively and examining structure and patterns. Students teach themselves vocabulary terms in this lesson.

Warm Up

5 minutes

This short Warm Up allows students to use their knowledge of multiplying polynomials to show why two expressions are equivalent (MP1).  Give students about two minutes to think about the problem and try to prove it themselves.  They can then turn-and-talk with their partner about why the two expressions are actually equivalent.  As students are discussing this, listen for students that are offering a thorough explanation so that they can enrich the thinking of the class.  Try to call on one or two other groups to add to the thinking of the first group (MP3), so that the Warm Up provides a good summary of the class's current level of understanding.

Understanding Vocabulary

25 minutes

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

I used this polynomials_quiz.pdf as a formative assessment for the first half of this unit.  I wanted to see how well students were grasping the concepts required to effectively perform operations with polynomials.  Often, when I give a formative assessment, I use the results in one of two ways:

  1. I will conference with students over the next couple of days about their quiz.  This is usually about 2-3 minutes with each student and can be completed when students are working independently.  
  2. I can also put students into guided groups based on need and intervene with students in this way.