Cornerstone: Peer Review Part II

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SWBAT: transfer what they learned about effective peer review into a productive session, where they can respond to each other's writing.

Big Idea

In an effort to fix peer review in my classes this year, this is the second part of a two-part peer review lesson.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

In the first part of this lesson, The Fishbowl, my students observed an exemplary peer review session. The Guiding Question asks that they begin thinking about they type of feedback that can be given to peers. Of course, this isn't the first time they are hearing the terms "warm" and "cool" feedback: my collaborative teacher and I were intentional in our modeling of that in the Fishbowl lesson.

Work Time

35 minutes

The biggest chunk of this lesson is the Peer Review. Very briefly, before my students are released to do this work, I have them review what the Fishbowl Exemplary Peer Review looked like. What kinds of things were their teachers asking? What was the body language like? How much warm and cool feedback was given?

Then, in order to guide their thinking and the discussion, I give them the Short Story Peer Review guide. They fill this out as they have their discussion.

Wrap Up

15 minutes

The end of the lesson shits the focus away from my students being exemplary peer reviewers, and has them begin to think about their next step as a writer. The fill out the Revision Plan, which has them reflect on and synthesize what their partner said about their piece, and create goals for the revision process.