Writing Assignment on the Importance of an Education

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SWBAT use two text sources to write about the importance of an education.

Big Idea

Students write an informative essay about the importance of an education.


1 minutes

Writing Activity

59 minutes

Student have read two non-ficition, informational texts - Scholastic News magazine articles "Teaching with Tablets" and "Malala's Dream."  As a writing assessment, student will write a 5 paragraph explanatory essay in which they explain why getting an education is important, explain 3 educational goals they have for the year, how they plan to accomplish those goals and why the goals are important to them.  Students may use details and examples from the two Scholastic News articles in order to provide evidence to support their main idea.  I chose this writing prompt (see attached Powerpoint slide) because I believe it is very important for students to set educational goals each year.  Goal setting provides a somewhat tangible means for students to evaluate their success.  Periodic evaluation of goals also allows students to monitor their strengths and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments.