Bullying Writing Assignment

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SWBAT use information gained from two text sources to write an informative essay on bullying.

Big Idea

Students write an informative essay to identify types of bullying and ways to address and prevent bullying.


1 minutes

Writing Activity

59 minutes

I explain to my students that they have read and discussed two Scholastic News articles on bullying - "Don't Just Stand By" and "A New Kind of Bullying."  They will now write a 5 paragraph paper explaining what bullying is and what can be done to stop it.  They will use details and examples from both texts in their informative essay.  I chose this assignment because I want my students to be educated and feel empowered about stopping and preventing bullying.  Many of my students know students who have been bullied and a few of them have been bullied themselves.  I constantly emphasize to them that it is not anyone's right to come to school to intimidate or make other students feel uncomfortable or scared.  I also remind them to be sure to remember to use standard English conventions.  I show them the writing rubric which will be used to score their writings and analyze the overall effectiveness of the writing assignment.