Comparison Essay Writing on F451 and Another Text (Day 3 of 3)

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SWBAT finalize, polish, and edit their comparison papers by revising their work with teacher and peer feedback.

Big Idea

We are finishing fantastic synthesis essays today!

Writer's Workshop Differentiation

30 minutes

After a quick review of the expectations (Semester Paper on F451 is due at end of class), I begin to arrange students in differentiated pairs.  Some were ready to begin a quick and final grammar edit (L.9-10.2 and W.9-10.2d); some were still completing the final body paragraph or conclusion (W.9-10.2f).  The goal is to put students together in pairs to help each other revise and refine (W.9-10.5) that will be right-sized for the tasks that they have to do.  

I fully expect that the students will be down and busy, hammering out their work and trying to elaborate on their thoughts in a polished way that focuses on clear topics, transitions, and language (W.9-10.2, W.9-10.2b, W.9-10.2c, and W.9-10.2d).


10 minutes

Students will publish their work (W.9-10.6) on, which will provide a plagiarism check and also will provide me with the chance to review the students' work with an online rubric.  I have selected this rubric because it seems quite complete and because we are using already in my school for both plagiarism check and as a means of beginning to keep an online portfolio.  

I am excited to move about the room today, help students to polish their essays by making sure they're including precise vocabulary and adhering to grammar rules (W.9-10.2d), challenge others with content and evidence (W.9-10.2b and W.9-10.2a), and generally bring this to completion (W.9-10.5).  

Semester Final Paper, Final Day!

10 minutes

This paper is a final summative grade for the students.  I plan to use it to assess their understanding of their knowledge of the effects of figurative language (RL.9-10.4), character (RL.9-10.3) and theme (RL.9-10.2).  I also plan to review the students papers to determine continued writing goals for second semester.