Shapes and Lines Assessment

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SWBAT display their understanding of lines, line segments, 2D shapes, and measurement to draw a creative drawing with given characteristics.

Big Idea

Students need to share their understandings of lines, line segments, shapes and attributes.

Attribute Assessment

30 minutes

The students have spent several weeks learning about measurement, the terms of geometry and about the attributes of shapes. Today I want to see if they can apply all that they have learned to create a drawing of their own using the required parts and attributes. 

I am interested in creating a performance assessment here rather than a traditional assessment. The performance assessment is a higher order thinking skill in Bloom's taxonomy because it requires application of understanding. I want students to not just identify the attributes of shapes, but to apply that understanding to a creative project. 

I give students a large piece of drawing paper, and a straightedge . I hand out a set of requirements for the pictures and remind students that they can be creative in their pictures. I remind them to read the directions carefully before beginning (to make sense of the problems before solving them MP1)

I give students time to create and color their drawings. As they draw I circulate around to check their understandings of the terms in the directions. 


Video on crafting a picture

Student example 1

Student example 2

Student example 3