The Legend of King Arthur Day 2 of 3 - Independent Reading

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SWBAT show understanding of the King Arthur Legend through summarizing key events, answering comprehension questions, and engaging in collaborative discussion.

Big Idea

"Our own heart, and not other men's opinions, forms our true honor." --- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers

My classes are held in 100-minute block sessions every other day.  Activities for this lesson take nearly three class periods to complete.  Today is a professional development day for teachers, so class periods are only 57 minutes.  

The lesson below outlines activities for Day Two on The Legend of King Arthur.  Students continue to engage in independent reading, summarizing events in a graphic organizer, and answering comprehension questions. Today they also engage in collaborative discussion.

Independent Reading and Collaborative Discussion

57 minutes

Today students finish yesterday's assignment to read "The Legend of King Arthur" (Scholastic, 1981); summarize main points of each section and answer comprehension questions (Study Guide: Review Questions for The Legend of King Arthur) using a graphic organizer (Handout: Graphic Organizer - Section Summary Boxes)(Handout: Graphic Organizer - Review Question Boxes).

Since students had the bulk of last class to work on the assignment and only have limited time today, after the first 20 minute of class, I allow them to work with a partner to debrief on the assignment by comparing graphic organizers and returning to the text for clarification.

Next class, we will debrief on student learning about King Arthur, and we will take an historical look at the King Arthur and his legends through an A&E Biography program.