Write It Wednesday-Probability

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SWBAT create a response to an open-ended question involving probability.

Big Idea

What can you write about probability?


5 minutes
  • POD

As students enter the room, they will have a seat, take out their Problem of the Day (POD) sheet and begin to work on the question on the SMARTboard. The POD allows students to use MP 3 continually based on the discussions we have about the problem each day.

Students will complete a Write It Wednesday prompt in class today. The POD today will ask students to distinguish between an outcome and an event. Sometimes students confuse the two terms. As we have designed and conducted experiments, I want to ensure that students are clear on what each term means and what the application looks like. We will have a general discussion of the terms then move into the activity where additional meaningful discussion will occur.

Describe the difference between an outcome and an event. When are outcomes useful? 


30 minutes


Students will work through the steps we use for Write It Wednesday

  1. Respond to the Write It Wednesday question
  2. Turn your response in
  3. Receive a classmate’s paper to critique and provide feedback
  4. Offer a score on a four-point scale
  5. Receive your paper and make improvements to your answer based upon the feedback you received

While students are working/writing, I will walk around and answer questions and help guide students through providing feedback and identifying gaps that might exist.


Mitch is trying to decide what pizza toppings to get for his pizza. He is allowed to pick 2 different toppings out of the 5 toppings available from Gino’s Pizza. The toppings they have to choose from are pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, onion, and hot pepper. How many different pizzas could he make if there are 2 different toppings on the pizza? Keep in mind that order of the toppings is not important. A pepperoni and sausage pizza is the same as a sausage and pepperoni pizza. Explain how you determined the options that Mitch has.


5 minutes

To end class today, student volunteers will come up to the document camera and share their response to the question. We can also look at answers that need improvement and offer suggestions if the author is struggling with formulating an answer.