Probability Pre Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding about inferences, probability, and compound events

Big Idea

What do you know about probability?


40 minutes

We will not open with a POD today so that students have the maximum amount of time to work on the pre-assessment. The pre-assessment is important because it will show me what my students already know about finding probabilities. Do they understand how to determine the outcomes of events? Do they know that probabilities are expressed as ratios? Do they know how to determine outcomes of compound events?  If the students already have a solid foundation, we don’t need to spend time teaching them vocabulary. If they are working from a blank slate I will know where to begin and where to offer support to my students to scaffold their learning.


5 minutes

Students will have the entire class period to work on the pre assessment. Should students finish early the task will be to write a story using the following vocabulary words: outcome, event, probability, mean, and likelihood. I want them to think about the possible meanings of the terms and how they can apply them.